Looking good on paper: the next Chevy Impala?

We've featured Chris Pauwels' outstanding work on Autoblog before, and he's at it again, having sketched out what he believes the upcoming Impala will look like when all is said and done. Based on rumors and inside information he and the good folks at TheGMSource.com were able to dig up, Pauwels' sketch shows a lot of new Camaro in the front end, and a rear that features three stacked taillights on each side, à la the '67 model, albeit with a modern twist.

We can also report that Pauwels' sketch is in keeping with information Autoblog has heard from its own sources. Incidentally, we've also heard that there are supposedly two other designs floating around, including one a that depicts more a "straight retro" '67 homage.

If the final car looks anything like Pauwels' sketch, we'll be pleased. A modern sedan with a few retro touches and a Camaro-esque face is something we'd take in a heartbeat.

Head over to TheGMSource.com to see Pauwels' second sketch, which gives his prediction of the view from behind. You can also check out a larger view of the one above.

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[Source: TheGMSource.com]

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