Another CTS rendering sheds light on entry-level Caddy

Not long now until the new CTS arrives, but people are impatient, and impatience apparently leads to hours of photo manipulation. Chris Pauwels, who is a graduate of The College for Creative Studies in Detroit and whose work has been featured in such mags as Popular Hot Rodding, has set digital pen to virtual screen to come up with his best guess at what the next CTS will look like when it arrives in the near future.

Comparing Pauwel's rendering to the recent Hans Lehmann rendering featured over at The Car Connection shows little difference between the two, except for a couple notable ones. Pauwel added side vents at the leading edge of the A-pillar similar to the ones that appear on the new Cadillac Escalade, an element that TheGMSource says will be standard on every rear-wheel drive Cadillac. The side vents also anchor a strong character line that runs the length of the car below the window line. While a small touch, it does add a bit of crispness to the design that prior renderings seem to lack.

TheGMSource also reports the new CTS will be as wide as the current STS, though not as long. One confirmed engine is GM's new direct inject 3.6L V6, and enthusiasts are speculating the next CTS-v will be 500-hp strong thanks to the Corvette Z06's 7.0L V8.

[Source: The GM Source]

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