Honda recalling 270,000 vehicles

OK, what happened here? Suddenly the Japanese automakers are leading practically every category in the world of automotive statistics, even the bad ones. Long considered to be superior to American and European vehicles in terms of reliability and durability, lately we are more likely to find them filling the headlines with more dubious announcements, like recalls. Joining Mazda, Toyota and Nissan, Honda Motor just announced a very large recall. It will recall about 270,000 mostly Japanese market vehicles because of defective electric circuits and engine-linked parts.

The recall covers Odyssey minivans that have potential fire threats and Life small cars affected by engines suddenly shutting down, a transportation ministry official said. "In the cases with Odyssey, electric circuits for the windshield wipers have problems that they may catch fire when it's freezing due to the cold," said the official. The generator seems to be the problem with the Life models, with the battery possibly running down and suddenly shutting down the engine, he said. Total number of vehicles effected is 117,500 Odysseys and 153,000 Lives.

[Source: Today Online]

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