We knew VW Bugs were air-cooled, but this is ridiculous...

The last time I saw wire construction like this, it was on a set of old patio furniture my grandmother had. This is considerably more impressive. Found on the Hemmings Blog, the details are... well... there are no details, but you know the phrase: a picture's worth a thousand words.

This wiry little Volkswagen looks like it could be a runner (though the trailer in the background suggests it gets towed to gatherings), and to fully appreciate it, check out of the small details: the bumpers, the running boards, the taillamp mounts, the spiderweb rear windows and --my personal favorite -- the wire-pattern vent placed exactly where it would be if the car had an actual engine cover. In the case of this car, it may be a bit redundant. Seriously, though, this is unbelievable. A tip of the cap to the craftsman who pulled it off.

Getting caught in the rain with it must be a real bummer, though.

(Additional photo after the jump. Head over to Hemmings for a look at the interior)

[Source: Hemmings Auto Blogs]

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