Greenlight Digital magazine picks top 10 "real life" green cars

It's not a website and it's not a magazine. Greenlight Digital is a little bit of both. The subscription-only digital magazine opens in your browser (or you can download it) and flip through the pages, which contain hyperlinks. In the Fall 2006 issue, Greenlight Digital has articles on having an eco-Halloween, the top ten green cars for real-life driving (two each in various market segments), and how to go carbon neutral. As you might be able to tell from these topics, Greenlight Digital is geared to a general environmentalist audience. Their roundup of green car tech, "Progress report on alternative vehicles and fuels", shows. There's nothing new for AutoblogGreen readers, but if you think a car sharing means splitting driving time with your cousin, then check it out.

[Source: Greenlight Digital]

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