Mitsubishi stakes new territory in cyberland

Mitsubishi announced today that it has a brand-spankin'-new web site that upgrades the consumer experience both on the research and purchase sides. It also bulks up real-time capabilities for dealer leads, hopefully meaning more sales for the underperforming automaker.

The company tapped IBM for its Websphere Application Servers, Microsoft for its SQL Server 2005 database servers and other third-party vendors. Organic, Mitsubishi's digital marketing agency, spent seven months developing the new site, incorporating usability research from J.D. Power's recent Website Evaluation Study.

"Our new web site creates a much more dynamic experience for consumers who are looking to buy their next vehicle from Mitsubishi Motors," said Rich Donnelson, director, Relationship Marketing Mitsubishi Motors North America. "The intuitive, interactive tools on the site will help visitors learn about our products in several ways including matching our product attributes with their primary buying motivations like performance, safety, appearance and comfort. This is all achieved through an engaging and visually appealing platform."

It would appear that this is correct -- the page for the 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse, for example, boasts the vehicle's big horsepower numbers, stellar stero system and performance tuning. The Endeavor's page focuses on the utility, safety and entertainment features that the likely buyers will want.

We'll see if the site provides the dealer leads Mitsu is looking for, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.

[Source: Mitsubishi]

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