Cheap oil means cheaper gas means fewer green cars?

It might be the auto and energy question of the decade: what effect do gas prices have on green car habits and green car technology? Automakers are investing billions in gas-free propulsion sources and sales figures show that consumers are more than eager to go along with these advanced powertrains. At least, consumers who want to get the most out of $3.50-a-gallon gas were. But what happens when gas gets cheap(er)? Recently, we had posts about the possible return of $1.15 gas as well as customers' attitudes about high gas prices. The current situation lies somewhere in between, and when crude prices dropped to below $60 a barrel Monday they brought the average price of gasoline down to $2.38 a gallon in the United States. Some energy analysts told the AP that it's headed even further south, to around $2 a gallon. In light of this, some OPEC members have hinted at a production cut if prices stay below $60 a barrel. The future is uncertain. Do you know what you'll be driving?
[Source: AP via Yahoo! News, thanks to Ann]

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