Zap celebrates 12 years of alternative vehicles

Santa Rosa, California based Zap! flipped on the switch September 23, 1994. Over the years they have built up their business building and selling battery powered vehicles. Currently they are offering a range of electrically powered ATVs, scooters, dirt-bikes and cars. One of their products is called the E-Pod (how long before Apple serves them with a cease and desist for that name?) that looks like a three wheeled recumbent bike with a full tear drop shaped body which runs $9,500. They also have a range of four wheeled vehicles including the Intimidator (although judging from it's size and appearance, I doubt even a squirrel would actually be intimidated) neighborhood electric car and their new three wheeled, four door Xebra. In 2004 they also began importing and distributing the smart fourtwo to the US market. The company went public in 1996 and over the past 12 years has delivered over 90,000 vehicles to customers in 75 different countries. Most of their products are definitely niche vehicles, but if your needs fit the niche, Zap may have the vehicle for you. Congratulations to the crew at Zap! for making it this far in a tough business

[Source: Zap! Cars]

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