VW releasing last year's Golf and Jetta in Canada as 2007 base models

Used to be, if an American wanted a Volkswagen that wasn't available for sale in the United States, Mexico was the place to go. Who knows how many old Bugs made the trek north back in the day. Now, though, if it's the VW City Golf and City Jetta you want, you can head north. VW is releasing last year's Golf and Jetta as base models in the Canadian VW line-up. The Golf starts at $14,900 and the Jetta is $16,700. And those are Canadian dollars.

Biodiesel freaks who are thinking of rushing to Canada to get the diesel models that VW will not sell in the United States next year should stay put, though. Volkswagen's inability to meet emissions laws in Canada will prevent the diesel versions of the 2007 Golf and Jetta to be sold there just like in the U.S. Just sit tight until 2008 (or 2009. We'll see).

[Source: Canadian Driver, hat tip to bojac]

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