Toyota names Corolla-based hatch the "Auris"

Hatchback, Toyota hath named thee, and thy name is Auris. Based on the Corolla sedan and placed up-market from the sprightly Yaris, the Auris five-door hatch features design elements similar to its kid brother, particularly around the front end with its the bulbous hood, oversized headlamps and grille with prominent emblem.

With the popularity of hatchbacks over sedans a fact in overseas markets, the Auris will be sold in Europe. There are many variations of the Corolla sold around the world, and the one sold in the U.S. is not the same as the hatchback that Europeans are offered, so it's unlikely we'll ever see the Auris this side of the pond. There likely will never by an Aygo sold here, as well.

Auris is the Latin word for "good taste". Think it's fitting, or is it a misnomer?


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