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Honda's new fuel cell car due in 2008

Honda recently demostrated its FCX Concept fuel cell vehicle to journalists at its reseach facility north of Tokyo, in which the FCX quietly moved at around 100 MPH on their test track. The futuristic FCX Concept is targeted for limited sale in the U.S. and Japan in 2008, according to Honda. The car uses a new fuel cell stack that can fit between the driver and passenger, instead of taking up space under the floor. The smaller size fuel cell stack is also more powerful than the previous one, while only weighing 148 pounds.

The FCX Concept is not exactly new, but this is the first we've heard of any definite plans to introduce a fuel cell vehicle to the U.S. with a specific design. Based on what we've heard before, the FCX will probably be sold at a premium price that may only be within reach of wealthy early adopters (i.e. celebrities).

[Source: Yahoo News]

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