A Radical assault on Audi in LMP1 racing

While their first year in LMP2 hasn't produced a win yet, the performance of the SR9 has been impressive, and Radical has announced plans to step up to LMP1 when the series moves to its new closed cockpit cars in 2010. Ruling body ACO recently adopted a new framework for P1 cars that will have the cars looking more like "road cars" with closed tops, sleeker bodies with not as many obvious cooling ducts, and smaller rear wings. Rather than go it alone, it seems Radical is trying to attract a major manufacturer that would want to go head-to-head with Audi and newcomer Peugeot in the European series. Quotes and another photo-illustration after the jump.

[Source: Radical]

Radical co-founder, Mick Hyde explains, "I see this as a great opportunity for a manufacturer to get involved with Radical. To date Audi have had it all their own way. Pescarolo has shown what a small team can do, but we believe that the combination of a specialist constructor like Radical and the active involvement of a manufacturer, will bring success both on the track and from a P.R. perspective."

Fellow Director and Team Bruichladdich Radical owner, Tim Greaves comments, "The SR9 of Rollcentre Racing would have been on the top step of the podium but for a racing incident and minor gremlins in the dying moments of the last two races. Our SR9 was the fastest car on the circuit in the wet at Donington and we were only knocked off pole by 2 tenths of a second, by a last minute banzai lap from Tommy Erdos. So we have proved we can make a good 'out of the box' race car. The next logical step is P1 and we are keen to do it!"

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