Spy Shots: Best Panamera shots yet

Now that the Panamera has been caught wearing Porsche clothing, the spy shots are coming fast and furious. Brenda Priddy and Co. has scored the best shots yet that give us a nice 3/4 view of the car from both front and back. Yes, it's a mule and the sheetmetal obviously is not finalized, but these shots make it very easy to imagine what the final version will look like. Take a look at the Panamera's rear, for instance. The severely sloped rear glass flows right into a trunk lid flanked by a pair of taillights that look production ready. The car also appears a bit wider and lower than the Mercedes-Benz CLS, which will be the Panamera's main competition along with with the Aston Martin Rapide (assuming the latter car doesn't get shelved for cost reasons).
Priddy tells Winding Road that the base engine will likely be a 3.5-liter six-cylinder generating 300 horsepower. Upper models will have a naturally-aspirated and turbo V8 that could generate 350 and 560 horsepower, respectively. Porsche is prepared for a show down with Mercedes-Benz, however, and is reportedly willing to give the Panamera a 700-hp V10 if the CLS continues with its power trip.

[Source: Winding Road]

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