Hydrogen-powered Hummer, Yeah Baby!

A story in Wired opened with a Hummer H2 in the fuel-squandering Bullrun Rally, an event that includes the worst of the worst gas guzzlers. Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Porsches were part of a 100-vehicle contingent that covered a 3,700-mile cross-country route in eight days.

The Hummer drew special attention not just because of the sticker in the back window that said, "My Hummer pollutes less than your Prius!" This Hummer was unique because it could run on a mixture of gas and hydrogen. Even Mario Andretti said hydrogen is part of the future when he wished the Hummer's team good luck at the start.

The vehicle was modified by Cyclone Energy. The Cyclone kits are available for most modern American vehicles, and the company will push for more hydrogen fueling stations when there is more demand.

The story said the Hummer's CO2 emissions were dropped 25 to 35 percent in comparison to a gas-only Hummer. The hydrogen was contained in six tanks that were mounted on the roof. Team members say they're developing a high-tech liquid hydrogen storage system.

[Source: Wired]

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