Spy Shots: Mazda2 replacement shaping up

Seen here is what we believe to be the replacement for Mazda's recently freshened Mazda2/Demio. The folks at World Car Fans are at it again with these photos of a mildly disguised Ford Fiesta derivative that seems to be wearing a lot of Mazda styling cues. The most likely guess is that this will become the new Mazda2. Although this Mazda saw two facelifts in the past 2 years, the all-new model appears to be shaping up quite nicely.
Losing some of the tall-wagon look of previous Demios, this one looks to be more of a hot hatch. OK, hot hatch is probably a stretch as current engine options top out at 100 hp. Still, we can dream and hope that the Mazdaspeed turbo 4 will somehow fit beneath the hood. In all likelihood this will remain a non-U.S. model so it might be a moot point anyhow for all of us wanting more Zoom-Zoom in the States. Follow the link for two big pics.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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