Welcome a trio of new Autobloggers

The Autoblog team has been growing, and we want to take some time out to recognize the trio of new bloggers that have joined our ranks. Frank Filipponio came online with us a few weeks ago, and you've no doubt already noticed his contributions, which include coverage of Pebble Beach and the U.S. debut of the Koenigsegg CCX. We expect more great features and event coverage from Frank, who many of you Ferrari fans may recognize from his contributions to Fast-Autos.net and the Ferrari forums.

Next we have Noah Joseph, who is yet another case of a super tipper rising the ranks to join our team. We got to know Noah through the volume of tips he sent in, as well as from scanning his own blog called IntoGear. Fortunately he's a talented writer, Ferrari and F1 fan, and knows more about auto-branded watches than anyone in the world.

Finally we'd like to welcome back Randall Halcomb. You may remember Randall if you were reading Autoblog last year, as he was a post-producing machine for us back then. Life intervened to take him away from us, but now he's back and ready to get back to work.

Wish these guys luck, because auto show season's about to start and we plan on putting each of tthem through the ringer :)

Autoblog and AutoblogGreen are always looking for the right blogger who has the passion, talent and drive to join our team. If you think you've got the chops, check out this post for details on how to submit yourself for consideration.

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