Weismann crossing the ocean

Weismann is gearing up for expansion. The German niche sportscar maker is preparing to enter the US market by the end of the decade, increasing production threefold and possibly adding additional engine options.

Featuring curvaceous retro styling reminiscent of classic British sportscars, the Weismann Roadster and Weismann GT employ BMW-sourced engines coupled with lightweight chassis to offer exceptional performance. The 2600-pound Roadster is available with a choice of Bavarian in-line six engines, at either 231 hp from 3 liters or the previous-generation M3's 3.2-liter unit pumping out 343 horses, while the larger GT is motivated by BMW's 4.8-liter 367-hp V8. Weismann insists that their cars are designed to accommodate the entire range of Beemer powerplants, including the M5's V10, a V12 or even a diesel.

Weismann also hopes to cut down on customer waiting times, as orders for the Roadster currently take six months to fill, or 18 months for the GT.

Given the beauty and performance offered by the small German firm, we think they'll find many eager American customers willing to pony up for their unique creations.

[Source: AutoWeek

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