Mitsubishi Motors launches more environmentally friendly eK Wagon & Sport in Japan

The new eK Wagon and eK Sport models launched today by Mitsubishi Motors in Japan feature a lot of consumer-friendly upgrades (like updated storage space and a new power sliding door) and there were some environmental benefits as well.
The new eK models keep the naturally aspirated 3G83 3-cylinder SOHC engine (intercooler/turbocharged on the eK Sport R) of the original models, but have a new high-performance catalytic converter that gives all naturally aspirated engine models 4-star ratings with emission levels that are 75 percent lower than Japanese 2005 Emission Regulations. The turbo models earn a 3-star rating with emissions that are 50 percent lower, Mitsubishi says. Also, eK models (except for the 3-speed A/T 4WD eK Wagon models and eK Sport R) meet the Japanese 2010 Fuel Economy Standards. The 5-speed manual gearbox eK Wagon M even qualifies for 2006 Green Vehicle Tax exemption with mileage that is 10 percent better than the standards. These aren't major "green" changes to the eK, but every little bit helps.

[Source: Mitsubishi Motors]

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