Round-up: Detroit's big new diesels for next year

Over the years, the big two-point-five may have lost market share to their overseas counterparts, but one segment that no foreign manufacturer can touch is Detroit's diesel pickup offerings. With that in mind, GM and Ford will announce the power ratings of their newest oil burners during, where else, the Texas State Fair.
For General Motors, Ford and Dodge, the magical torque figure is 650.

Dodge's newly redesigned 6.7-liter, inline-six will dole out 350 hp and 650 ft./lbs. of torque when equipped in their 2500 and 3500 lines of pickups. Ford will follow Dodge's lead and boost displacement of their Powerstroke V8 to 6.4-liters, from the previous model's 6-liter powerplant, with horsepower expected to crest the 350 hp mark as well. Both vehicles will go on sale this January.

The General, whose offerings should hit dealer lots in the first quarter of 2007 as 2008 models, will attempt to win back some of its 'Professional Grade' consumers with the new Duramax. According to GM, the new diesel will make approximately 360 hp and, you guessed it, 650 ft./lbs. of torque.

Expect to see more specific figures over the next few months.

[Source: GM and Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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