Presidential Mariner Hybrid

"We have always found a way to clean the environment and grow the economy at the same time. And when it comes to global warming, we'll do it again." Former President Bill Clinton takes his own words, spoken in the 1998 State of the Union Address, to heart as he gives up his Secret Service issued SUV for a Mariner Hybrid.

The Detroit News reports that Mr. Clinton got a sneak peek at the customized hybrid on Wednesday, but the formal delivery will appropriately occur at a conference on climate change later this month.

USA Today notes that the car's extra features include extra legroom in the rear, a swing-up desk, a refrigerator and some electronic devices to which Ford is sworn to secrecy.

I suppose at some point in the future when Mr. Clinton upgrades to a ZEV, the Mariner will proudly retire along side his '67 'stang in Arkansas' Museum of Automobiles.

[Source: Detroit News]

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