President set to address automakers, again

It's official. We have lost count how many times the Bush administration has setup, canceled, rescheduled, canceled, postponed and told the big two-point-five that they'll call, then never do.

Well, the newest round of "Date the leader of the free world" is coming around again and the word is that the heads of Washington are planning a meeting after the November elections. Why this impromptu quick fix? It seems that Bush is due to address some GOP constituents in Detroit this Friday and failed to send out valentines to the heads of Ford, GM or DaimlerChrysler.

When it happens we'll believe it and as Inside Line put it, "If Bush has time to meet with the American Idol contestants, he'd better make some time for one of the nation's most crucial industries." Well-said nameless Edmunds' writer, well-said.

[Source: Inside Line]

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