Eyeless driver arrested in the U.K.

There are plenty of friends out there. Some are closer than family and others are mere acquaintances. For Omed Aziz, his friend was willing to risk his life, Aziz's life and a few other late night motorists in an effort to give Aziz a piece of his world back.
Omed Aziz lost both of his eyes during an explosion in Iraq. He also left behind a few digits from his hands, most of his hearing and now suffers from severe tremors in his legs. With that in mind, you could image the Oldbury police's surprise when they found Aziz driving a Peugeot in the wrong lane, while taking direction from his friend in the passenger seat.

Although legally blind and certainly impaired, the police reported that Aziz masterfully made his way around a few corners and a roundabout, before crossing into oncoming traffic.

Aziz now holds the distinction of being the first blind motorist ever convicted of reckless driving in the U.K., while his co-pilot is awaiting trial for aiding and abetting dangerous driving.

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