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Consumer Reports tests 2007 Tahoe on gasoline and E85

Consumer Reports discovered the overall fuel mileage on a flex-fuel 2007 Tahoe went from 14 mpg on gasoline to 10 mpg on E85.

CR quoted an average price of E85 at $2.91 and said that drivers would essentially pay almost $4 for the equivalent gallon of gasoline. From a different angle: the Tahoe's driving range decreases from 440 miles on a tankful to 300 miles.

A review of the study on MarketWatch pointed to the political and environmental benefits of using E85.

Another story on the CR test at noted that the highway mileage decreased from 21 to 15 mpg and the city driving dropped from 9 to 7 mpg. It said CR took the Tahoe to an emissions lab and found significant decreases in NOx while running E85.

Both stories cited benefits to the automakers in meeting CAFE requirements as one of the reasons for the current rush to build more flex-fuel vehicles.

[Source: MarketWatch]

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