B-cars rule as gas prices become more meaningful

Everybody thought General Motors was on crack when it launched the Aveo back in 2003. Not particularly attractive or powerful, it did exactly what it was supposed to do -- drive for cheap. Little did the industry know that gas prices were about to blow up, and the image of the B-car as a European oddity was to blow up with them.

According to the Detroit Free Press, so far this year, B-cars are up 43 percent over last. The Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris are being sold by dealers above MSRP -- yes, really. True, the little cars only account for a mere fraction of what big trucks and SUVs account for, but the increase in sales is significant.

Styling is also a key element in this rise, as analysts say that the Geo Metros of years past have nothing on the trendy Fit or the sharp Nissan Versa.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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