Eagle County in Colorado wants to sell many of its gus-guzzling SUVs to purchase a fleet of hybrids.

County commissioners are seeking bids and the likely winner is the Toyota Prius, although the local Ford dealer has been invited to participate. A few Camrys might also be purchased.

The price tag for the hybrids could run around $480,000. The county is hoping to sell 20 vehicles currently in the fleet but 14 of them are SUVs, trucks and vans. The commissioners think the residual value is about $231,000 from their blue book research. Problem: Wholesale values for trucks and SUVs are sinking fast. Some dealers across the country won't even take them in as a trade because the value falls so fast within a week.

The commissioners like the idea of promoting efficiency and environmental responsibility but insist they'll keep an eye on the bottom line.

[Source: Vail Daily]

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