MINI gets iDrive - uses joystick instead of dial

Motoring File is reporting that for 2007 the MINI will receive a new navigation system that is basically a slightly altered version of BMW's now infamous iDrive system. The iDrive controller will be a small joystick instead of BMW's trademark dial located directly behind the shifter. From there the driver will control a redesigned menu screen that can jump to "Entertainment", "Navigation", "Communication", and the setup screen. There is no link from the main menu to a climate control screen like in a BMW, however. MINI owners will still control the HVAC systems the old fashioned way,from the center console. In addition to interfacing with the system via the joystick, drivers will also be able to hit a button on the steering wheel and issue voice commands to the iDrive system like, "Stop being such a pain in the ass!" We kid, we kid.

[Source: Motoring File]

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