Ford Crown Vic redesign due in 2009, the fuzz is pleased

The Crown Victoria will live! That's the word, according to a recent article in Law and Order magazine, which puts to rest rumors of Ford killing off its body-on-frame, V8-powered, RWD sedan, loved by police and loathed by anyone who's gotten the gumball machine treatment.

The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI) will continue to be produced in its current form through 2008, with a redesign due in 2009. The new model will keep the same dimensions as the current vehicle, with measured revisions to add both performance and safety.

A posting on brings to light some interesting facts about the CVPI, with regard to airbags (i.e. how do you get side curtain airbags to function properly when there's partition between cop and criminal), the importance of ballast, what level of performance is necessary and a host of other geeky tidbits.

Although this may be good news for both Ford and our boys and girls in blue, it doesn't bode well for Dodge, whose Charger has been the up-and-comer in a number of precinct garages.

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