Yeah, it's got a HEMI: NYPD gets Dodge Chargers

New York City police commish Ray Kelly showed off a pair of brand new Dodge Charger police cars to the press yesterday in the Big Apple. NYPD ordered 15 Chargers for testing -- 10 HEMIs and 5 V6s, according to -- and indicated that the city would likely order hundereds more to add to its existing fleet of 3,000 police vehicles.

The Charger, despite its 340hp V8, gets better gas mileage than the city's less-powerful Crown Vics. It's also significantly faster, running to 60 in 6.5 sec and topping out at 150mph. Perps thinking they can outrun the cops at 2 in the morning on the FDR are going to find they've miscalculated badly.

Easily the toughest-looking cop car on the market , and by far the coolest since the Special Service Mustang, the only issue I have with the NYPD's new Charger is the white livery. NYPD switched to white several years ago because it's cheaper, but these bad boys would have looked A-OK in the old-school blue.

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[Source: AM New York]

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