Follow the white rabbit!

Profero, MINI's UK advertising agency, has put together a fun little ad campaign for the Brits -- a virtual tour through Great Britain's most random websites, led by a white rabbit (that looks suspiciously like a MINI). Banner ads originating from sites such as Urban Junkies are the initial rabbit holes, so to speak, proclaiming, "this is not the way to the MINI site."

Venture through sites like, and to ultimately hit the final ad, where it merely says that there are more adventures out there. Thanks for sharing. Along the way, there is plenty to see... though we're not really sure about the logic behind it all, unless you count, where we picked up a few good recipes. While we normally like MINI's ads, we suspect that the folks at Profero ate the blue pill. And the red one.

[Source: Cool Hunting]

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