Koenigsegg CCX has OFFICIAL US debut in Las Vegas

Visited Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace Sunday night where (unlike our Thursday encounter at Doria's Haus of Pizza) they officially unveiled the Koenigsegg CCX at a VIP party that introduced the car to (other) journalists and potential customers alike. Although we just saw the car a few days ago, it had been buffed out and looked pretty nice under the lights in the Exotic Cars showroom. Some more of the yellow paint from the Redline shoot had been removed and we could see even more of those carbon fiber muscles. They even played the Top Gear clip where the car almost killed The Stig set the fastest lap time.

Magnus Jaasund of Koenigsegg drove the car out, flanked by some of Caesar's finest. In the crowd were such diverse famous sons of famous dads as Don Cornelius's son Tony and racer Derek Bell's son Justin, who will be giving demo laps Monday and Tuesday. He likened the opportunity to drive the CCX to when he was offered a ride in the McLaren F1 at LeMans. So did we mention we will be going for a ride on Tuesday? They apparently thought we looked trustworthy enough that they agreed to take us for a spin before LETTING US TAKE THE WHEEL OURSELVES. Sorry, were we shouting? Hard not to get excited about Tuesday, but for now, follow the jump for a wallpaper gallery courtesy of Drew Phillips of Fast-Autos.net, and the press release from ECACP.

And don't forget to come back Tuesday or Wednesday when we'll bring you driving impressions and track footage, including pics and hopefully decent video of the Autoblog team driving the fastest car ever to have lapped the Top Gear track.

VIP Cocktail Party at Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace Dealership; Track Day & Test Drives to Be Held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

LAS VEGAS, NV -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 11, 2006 -- Exotic Cars At Caesars Palace, Las Vegas will unveil the Koenigsegg CCX, the world's fastest production car, Sunday, August 27, 2006 in the Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace Showroom. The Swedish Super Car, produced by Koenigsegg Automotive AB of Sweden, retails for $695,000USD.

The Twin Supercharged 4.7 liter V8 Koenigsegg CCX will be unveiled at a VIP Cocktail Party on August 27, 2006 at 7 p.m., followed by two days of Track Day/Test Drives at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, August 28-29.

Test Drives are done by invitation only and are limited to qualified VIP guests and media. Guest Track Day/Test Drives are to be done on Monday, August 28. Media and their qualified drivers are invited to register for test drives to be done on Tuesday, August 29.

Koenigsegg Automotive AB of Sweden named Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace to be the first and only dealer in the United States to sell its exclusive Super Cars. The powerful engine housed in the U.S. Koenigsegg CCX retains the incredible power and performance of the European CCR engine, officially crowned by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's fastest production car ever. The engineering marvel goes 0-60 MPH in a blistering 3.1 seconds with an estimated top speed of almost 260 MPH. The 806 HP, 2,200-pound carbon fibre Super Car runs the standing quarter mile in just 9 seconds at 146 MPH.

"We are very excited that Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace is the only dealership in the United States selected to market this unique, precision automobile," says Richard Weisman, CEO of Exotic Cars. "In addition to being the world's fastest production car, it is one of the most impressively engineered vehicles ever made."

Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace currently displays more than 40 vehicles for sale, including such exclusive marques such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley. Koenigsegg plans to deliver a limited number of cars during the first year, and orders are being taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

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