Went out for a slice with some friends today and we were pleasantly surprised to see a CCX pull up to join us. OK, we nearly tripped over each other rushing to get a closer look. We presume its on its way to a launch party at Exotic Cars at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas this weekend, the first and only dealer in the United States to sell these exclusive super cars. Autoblog recently managed to snag an invite to this super exclusive VIP launch as well. We'll post Monday morning with all the highlights.

Here are a few first impressions: In person the car seems about the size of a Ferrari 360 or Ford GT. Somewhat resembling the Carrera GT from certain angles the Koenigsegg still manages to be unique and exciting. Unpainted carbon fiber abounds and gives this brawny Swede a deadly presence. The oh-so-trick doors rotate open and closed smoothly and snap shut with a vault-like thunk. No aftermarket Lambo doors are these.

Under the rear lid resides that twin-supercharged, 4.7-liter, V-8 with its asymmetrical carbon fiber airbox. With 806 HP and only 2,600-pounds to push around, it can run the quarter in just 9.9 seconds, on its way to a top end somewhere north of 240. Sadly, we only saw it reach speeds about 200 mph lower than that. But it sounds like it wants to get past the double century mark RIGHT NOW. Can't wait until Sunday when we'll have another chance to see the car up close and report all the details back to you.

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