Honda's mini car sales in Japan increase 41 percent in July

Amid today's corporate news of Honda's highest-ever overseas and worldwide auto production is a note that July sales of Honda's mini vehicles increased 41.1 percent in Japan over last year. The dramatic increase is due to high sales of the Scion xB-like Zest, which went on sale in March 2006. Since that date, Honda's mini vehicle sales have increased in each consecutive month, compared to the same month the previous year. The Zest was Honda's best-selling vehicles in July, with 9.562 units leaving dealer lots. Overall, Honda's domestic auto sales decreased 5.4 percent in July.

Outside of Japan, Honda increased production worldwide by 6.2 percent for July compared to July 2005, and exports from Japan grew 26.7 percent in July compared to the same month a year ago. These exports went increasingly to North America and Europe.

[Source: Honda]

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