Flexible-fuel conversions available in SW Michigan

As a biodiesel plant goes up in nearby Bangor, residents of Kalamazoo can get into the biofuel scene without switching from their standard cars thanks to flexible fuel conversion kits available at Great Lakes Lab. Mechanics at the GLL will install the kits, made by Flextek, in a car for a few hundred dollars, according to the Kalamazoo Gazette (which - full disclosure - I used to write for). GLL just started installing the kits last week and has already done five, said co-owner Sheryl Bongers. The Bongers (Sheryl owns the station with her husband) charge different rates depending on the number of cylinders in the vehicle undergoing the conversion, and the entire process takes about two hours. There is currently only one gas station in Kalamazoo that sells E85. We'll see if this helps grow that number.
[Source: Kalamazoo Gazette]

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