Ute's da man! More Holdens in Michigan

Reader Patrick McCarron sent us a link to the LS1GTO.com Forums, where one of the posters there uploaded a few shots of a pair of Holden VZ Utes that took part in the fun at the Woodward Dream Cruise. The Ute shown above appears to be the hot-rodded HSV Maloo R8 version, and the one you'll see after the jump is is the regular SS Ute.

All we can think if is how cool they'd look with El Camino badging. Do the pics mean anything? Nope. There's no plan at all to bring this thing over. Still, the Ute is mighty cool. Imagine the sheer badassedness of it all if both it and its Aussie-market rival, the Ford Falcon Ute, were to come here and rekindle ElCo vs. Ranchero...

Thanks for the link, Partick!

[Source: LS1GTO.com forums]

Holden VZ SS Ute

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