Crystal Cove Car Meet 8-25-06

Saturday's meet at Crystal Cove was a fairly typical one. Some stellar exotics, mixed with hot rods and classics, with a few supercar surprises thrown in for good measure. Three Diablo 6.0s, including the recent Concorso Italiano Best of Show black one owned by Chris Wong. A brace of Isos, a matched set of 612s, a pair of Vantages. Several F430s in various colors including one with sick 345 Enzo wheels and tires.

Classic Minis, a new Z06, a Superamerica and a beautiful '63 T-Bird took up one corner, while a few "not quite what they seem to be" specials filled a few spots nearby. A Stillen modified Ford GT, a BMW "3002 ttii" with a twin-turbo modern 6 and rear mounted transaxle, a surpercharged Ariel Atom (!), and a Novitec paneled F430. Noble brought a red M400 on its way from Monterey back to 1G in Cincinnati. A few other nice Lamborghinis including a pearl white Murcielago roadster with a red alcantara interior were also present.

Like classic Ferraris? How about a Daytona or a Lusso? Prefer something newer? Maybe an SL65 or perhaps a Ford GT in Gulf livery? Rather have the original than the new J Mays interpretation? Superformance had its SPF recreation there for you. Didn't have to search hard to find a couple of Cobras and a Targa Florio MG. And just for good measure, Gerald Weigert, father of the Vector supercar, showed up with two of his rarest models, the WX3 and Roadster. Watch for more in depth coverage of these cars in the future.

So basically another normal Saturday at this informal meet that has been running every Saturday morning for about three years, from 7 to 9 at this Promenade near Newport Beach, California. Always something new and exciting from this show located in the hotbed of SoCal car country. Hope you enjoy this new weekly feature.

Plenty of high-res photos after the jump. Just click on the thumbs for a desktop-sized pic.

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