AutoblogGreen is expanding, and we can use your help. This week, we have two new bloggers, Mike Magda and Derrick Yoh, joining us. But with the plans we've got to expand the coverage and reach of this site, we need more people who love cars and green car technology (and have the chops to convey that enjoyment to others in snappy blog posts). Here's the details:

A good candidate must exhibit:
  • Prolific knowledge of the auto industry and/or green auto scene
  • Ability to write with wit, concision and authority
  • Consistent schedule
  • Self motivation
  • A demonstrated passion for autos
We also require that you:
  • Possess a fast computer (laptops are best) and fast Internet connection
  • Own a decent digital camera
  • Have the software and knowledge to create and manipulate photos
  • Are available to blog on an almost daily basis
  • Keep a valid drivers license
Here's how to apply. Send applications to Your email should have no attachments except for a resume (if you want) and include the following information inside the email.
  • A subject line with your full name
  • Your full contact information including physical address, email, daytime/evening phone numbers, IM user IDs
  • Brief bio of yourself telling us why you're the right blogger for the job
  • Three sample posts written in the AutoblogGreen style
  • A list of car(s) you currently own or a description of how you use alternate transportation
  • Three suggestions on how to improve AutoblogGreen
  • Your nomination for 2006 best auto (or green car trend) of the year and why
We'll only consider complete applications that come with no more than a resume attached to the email. Due to the large volume of applications expected, we unfortunately cannot respond to each and every one. If you've made the cut past the first round, we'll contact you and go from there. If you've applied before we hope you apply again, as we appreciate each and every person who considers joining our team.

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