Shady Shots: 2007 Honda CR-V

These lo-rez shots of the new, 2007 Honda CR-V came floating across the web last night and, although their origin is a mystery, it doesn't take much imagination to see these images splattered across a brochure at your local dealership.

This newest CR-V shares a platform with its up-market sibling the Acura RDX and many of the styling cues are reminiscent of their mutual lineage. Although we've already shown you an uncamouflaged spy shot and our commenters have passed judgment on the CR-V's newly developed dental problems, a few other design cues are of note. The floor-to-ceiling taillights are an obvious carryover from previous generations, with a little Volvo wagon thrown in for good measure. The steeply descending rear-side window may be an attempt at smooth styling, but the resulting pillar will require serious body contortions to check the blind spot. The chrome surrounds, although a nice touch, seem to add a level of flash that just doesn't seem to fit a mild-mannered cute 'ute.

The interior, in true Honda fashion, is an homage to functionality and bears a similarity to the new Civic's dash and instruments, sans the top mounted speedo. Thankfully, and in no small part to customer complaints, the transmission selector has been moved from its odd dashboard mounting to a more traditional home below the air and radio controls.

We'll hold off on making further judgments until the 'official' shots are released and if Honda decides to drop off a CR-V in the Autoblog Garage, we'd gladly take it for a spin.

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