Formula Zero hydrogen fuel cell racecars on a portable race track

Just be glad they didn't call it Formula X. If you like Formula One, but don't enjoy the tremendous waste of fuel, then perhaps Formula Zero is the racing league for you. The new fuel cell kart class, set up by a Dutch-based company, features hydrogen-powered cars. The other out-of-the-box idea is that the racetrack is moveable and can be set up anywhere there is a large enough flat surface. The complete set-up will fit up to 1,500 spectators and features a 600-meter track along with grandstands, hospitality, pits, clean technology power and hydrogen generation and timing facilities. Races will be held at "major motor shows, motor racing events, international political summits, industrial fairs and events such as the Paris Air Show, Goodwood, Festival of speed, and the Michelin Challenge Bibendum". The company plans on holding six races in 2008–09.
[Source: Gizmag]

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