ABS-equipped vehicles: Deadly quiet

Anti-lock braking systems have come under some mild scrutiny as of late. Frank Williams, a frequent contributor to The Truth About Cars, recently wrote an article detailing the inherent problems with ABS in passenger vehicles, saying that overall they may do more harm than good and that NHTSA should look into its own findings to address the matter.

The amount of feedback this piece received was tremendous, as evidenced by the amount of discussion that took place in the comments section.

Then, on Friday, this article came across our screens that brought to light another fact about ABS. The tire screeching, aural blitzkrieg that takes place in a panic stop is noticeably absent in ABS-equipped vehicles. It's not dead silence, but it certainly isn't as evocative as the mentally engrained noise that screams, "Look out, bad $#%& is about to ensue!"

A solution to this problem came from the mind of Larry Bunker, who, after a close call with a co-worker, began developing a system that would restore the sound that is lost to ABS technology. Bunker, who didn't go into detail about how the system would work, aims to reduce the number of vehicle/pedestrian crashes that take place yearly by selling his creation to major auto manufacturers.

Personally, we want the system to play "The End" by the Doors if some kid runs into the street, but we're open to other suggestions. Additionally, we want to know what your opinions about ABS are and, considering the information presented, if either argument is legitimate.

[Sources: The Truth About Cars and The Auto Channel]

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