Holden HSV unintentionally uncovered

Embargos don't seem to be working the way they used to. Traditionally, buff-books would get pictures and details about a particular vehicle sometimes months ahead of it launch, ensuring that specific articles would find themselves printed in specific publications at specific times. The newest member to join the ranks of the outted is the new Holden Commodore HSV.
The HSV is the high-po sibling to the Commodore SS-V, available down under, and the revisions at this point may be limited to what you can gather from the photos, specifically the "look-at-me" body kit and the plus-one or plus-two wheel upgrades.

One substantial improvement may be the addition of the MagnaRide active suspension system found on the Ferrari 599 and various GM models, but that, along with engine displacement, transmission options and other details are all conjecture.

Since the embargo was only to last through this coming Monday, August 21st, expect to see more details next week.

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