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Baldwin Camaro shipped to Puerto Rico

Luis Felipe Cruz Morales, a drag racer in Puerto Rico, will be among the car enthusiasts to receive the Baldwin-Motion Camaro, a modified version of the 1969 muscle car. Cruising to the tune of 600-horsepower put out by a 540-cubic-inch engine mated to a modified TH-400 automatic transmission, the vehicle is one of just 12 Camaros modified by Baldwin-Motion to the tune of $169,000 for the SS-427 model and $189,000 for the Phase III 540. Cruz's Camaro will also be painted "Motion Red," sport silver stripes and offer a red leather interior.

The deal marks the first export of the Baldwin-Motion Camaro, and as company CEO Larry Jaworske jokes, all Cruz's drag strip opponents will see of the Camaro is "a red and silver blur and four Corsa exhaust tips."

[Source: Edmunds InsideLine]

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