Bi-fuel manager available in the U.K. converts standard engines to Flex Fuel

If you're interested in putting ethanol in your car, you're probably wondering if E85 is right for you. The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition has a list of E85-capable vehicles, but there are not a lot of vehicles on the list (most are recent trucks and a few sedans). For those willing to mess with their engine, Green Fuels is offering drivers in the U.K. the Fullflex Gold Bi-Fuel Manager, which "plugs into the vehicle's engine management unit while the other is attached to the injectors. Once fitted – an hour long job for a garage – the vehicle can run on 100 per cent bio-ethanol E85, unleaded petrol or a mix of both". The Fullflex Manager costs around £500.
P.S. – I'm not sure of the legality of this modification in the U.S. I know it has long been possible to import these sorts of converters from Brazil, but we shouldn't forget that ethanol is more corrosive on some engine components than gasoline.

[Source: Green Fuels]

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