If you're interested in putting ethanol in your car, you're probably wondering if E85 is right for you. The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition has a list of E85-capable vehicles, but there are not a lot of vehicles on the list (most are recent trucks and a few sedans). For those willing to mess with their engine, Green Fuels is offering drivers in the U.K. the Fullflex Gold Bi-Fuel Manager, which "plugs into the vehicle's engine management unit while the other is attached to the injectors. Once fitted – an hour long job for a garage – the vehicle can run on 100 per cent bio-ethanol E85, unleaded petrol or a mix of both". The Fullflex Manager costs around £500.
P.S. – I'm not sure of the legality of this modification in the U.S. I know it has long been possible to import these sorts of converters from Brazil, but we shouldn't forget that ethanol is more corrosive on some engine components than gasoline.

[Source: Green Fuels]

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