Flexcar offers car sharing to college students under 21 years old

Marketers swarm over college campuses each year trying to entice students to sample their products and form brand loyalty that will sit with them the rest of their life. Green cars enthusiasts are getting into the college market with a new program launched by Flexcar, the car-sharing program. Flexcar is the first national company to offer car-sharing for drivers under 21.
Most college students, especially those who live on-campus, are perfect candidates for sharing vehicles. Parking at most schools is terrible, most events you need to go to are within walking, biking or bus distance, and a lot of students don't have a lot of money to sink into gas and/or repairs. Sharing a car has been available to those over 21 (faculty and staff) at campuses across the country, and now all those traditional freshmen and sophomores can get into the act as well. Students must have a clean driving record, supplemental insurance, parental approval and pay a refundable deposit before joining the program.

The program will be available at six campuses (Emory University, University of Maryland, University of Portland and the Berkeley, Los Angeles and San Diego campuses of the University of California). Car-sharing at other schools is in the works, and interested schools should contact Flexcar to get involved in the future.

[Source: Flexcar via The Auto Channel]

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