Classic and muscle cars can get in on the E85 action, too

If you pine to be able to put E85 into your car, but don't happen to have a factory-certified E85-compatible, do you have any options? Of course you do, and if you've got a classic car or a souped-up muscle car, there's a new fuel pump that can help convert your engine to run on E85. AutoblogGreen reader Dan Kahn sent in a tip about the new RacePumps line of E85-compatible fuel pumps. RacePumps says in the press release that, "the innovative RacePump design has no diaphragm, the body is hard anodized billet - which is compatible with all known fuels - plus the seals are compatible with E-85." RacePumps are, "available for both carbureted and EFI small and big block Chevrolets" and "flow up to 204 GPH and can support over 2,000 horsepower."

With the higher octane rating of E85 compared to gasoline, those muscle car drivers may have more than the environment in mind when they set up the conversion, no?

[Source: Automedia 2000]

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