Tokyo Auto Gallery '06: "Vamos" a los 70s

The big deal in Japan the last several days has been the 2006 Tokyo Auto Gallery. The tuner and custom car show was the venue for the debut of the Toyota Harrier Zagato and is also where the Pagani Zonda Rabbit is on display.

The stream of interesting cars doesn't end there, either, as we've come across a Honda Vamos kei-class van that 's designed to hurtle you back to the 70s. Finished in sky blue and sporting a retro fascia that looks really cool, the tiny econobox instantly looks like it would be right at home on the streets of yesteryear. The cream-colored steel wheels are simply the icing on the cake. The inside gets a two-tone look that's more modern hot rod than 70s retro, but we'll let that slide.

According to, the conversion kit can be had for ¥312,900 (around $2,700 USD). We wish we could tell you who manufactures it (if it's Honda, it isn't on the accessories page for the Vamos yet), but it's not clear from the translated Response article. No matter. Not knowing the answers doesn't diminish the grooviness of this uniquely Japanese custom. If only it had an 8-Track player...

(Additional photos --including a shot of a stock Vamos for comparison -- after the jump)

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Retro Honda Vamos

Unmodified Honda Vamos:
2006 Honda Vamos2006 Honda Vamos

Learn more about the Honda Vamos here.

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