Keep your hands on the wheel: watches for drivers

OK, here's the scenario: you're carving your favorite stretch of road - Mulholland Drive, say - and you're driving, um, vigorously (but not illegally, of course), with both hands firmly grasping the wheel at ten o'clock and two o'clock. Suddenly, you realize you're supposed to meet your significant other at 4:00 p.m., but you've lost all track of time. You're far too busy driving to shift your view waaaay over there to your dashboard clock and you don't dare take your hand off the wheel so you can see your wristwatch, but you need to know what time it is - now! What will you do?
Well, there are watches just for people like you in situations like this - drivers watches, like this LP Italy Stratosphere Competizione model. Yours for $2,195, the Competizione has a three-dimensional case that angles the watch so you can figure out how late you are without taking your hand off the wheel. (Those numbers are a bit tiny though, better make sure your vision is 20-20.)

The Stratosphere Competizione may even inspire your driving - it's the official time piece of the Risi Competizione American Le Mans team and its Ferrar F430GT.

[Source: Luxist via Into Gear] Thanks, Noah!

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