FST Fuel Cassette system another step towards practical fuel-cell vehicles

Hydrogen containment and distributor FST Energy, Inc. has developed what may be a big leap in fuel cell technology. The company's FST Fuel Cassette system can apparently generate up to 300 percent more hydrogen in fuel cells that are one-third the size of conventional ones. States FST CEO Mike Wilson, "Our system enables fuel cell backup systems to run many times longer than with current pressurized hydrogen fuel sources, while being significantly smaller, weighing less and maintaining similar operating costs as pressurized hydrogen. FST Fuel Cassettes easily provide enough hydrogen to power a 5 kW fuel cell for anywhere between 12 to 120 hours, yet require less space than a standard rack of 6 hydrogen cylinders, which provides 12 hours."
The company is currently demonstrating the system in California and plans to start testing full prototypes by year's end. It is unknown if the technology is being reviewed for fuel-call car development.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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