Vinod Khosla video on Google

I don't usually link to video clips that I haven't seen, but I'ma gonna make an exception here. Reader Charbax sent in a tip on a March 29th speech by Vinod Khosla on ethanol called "Biofuels: Think Outside The Barrel" that is currently up on Google Video. Since the speech is over an hour long and I'm on dialup for the time being, I can't (easily) watch it. Still, knowing what I know about Vinod, it's probably good stuff. He's the guy who issued a challenge to oil companies that could provide them with all the ethanol they can sell at $1.99 a gallon. Does anyone with the time and a fast connection want to briefly summarize the speech for us in the comments section? It'd be much appreciated. Grazie.

[Source: Google Video, Hat tip to Charbax]

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