Half of America interested in a vehicle that uses less gasoline

Looks like our current political situation, ads touting E85-compatibility, and high gas prices are having an effect. Harris Interactive released the results of a poll Wednesday that found that two-thirds of adult vehicle owners know about flexible-fuel vehicles and half are interested in buying one. The key reason for the interest in purchasing a flex-fuel vehicle was to reduce dependence on oil (not foreign oil, just oil in general). Fifty-three percent of those polled said they would pay more for a vehicle that uses less petroleum-based fuel. Further down in the results, we see that more people would be interested in buying an E85-compatible vehicle if there were more E85 stations. The poll was conducted between May 15 and June 2 and polled 12,857 U.S. adults. Harris claims the sampling error is +/- one percent.

[Source: Harris Interactive]

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