Carbon fiber wheels coming to a tuner near you

The next logical progression in removing unsprung weight will finally be made available to U.S. enthusiasts. Rennworx Ltd., a company that imports a variety of top dollar rims and parts, has agreed to bring Dymag's full lineup of custom carbon fiber rollers. Their products have found their way into the wheel arches of some top dollar machines, including Ascari, Mosler and Koenigsegg.

Beyond the subdued bling factor, the new wheels provide a number of dynamic benefits, including improved acceleration, braking and steering feel, the ability to allow softer dampening settings and the capability of dissipating heat more efficiently than conventional forged or cast rims.

Cost? This is one of those instances that if you have to ask, well, you know the rest.

Click through for more pictures, including a nicely modded 4th generation Eclipse equipped with said wheels, and the full press release.

[Source: PR Newswire]


LOS ANGELES, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- It was only a matter of time until race bred innovations brought the latest in Carbon Fiber technology to the street. That time has arrived. RENNWORX LTD. INC., the source for exclusive brands as WORK WHEELS, MANTHEY and other high performance brands is now the first and exclusive US distributor for the world's lightest STREET/RACE CARBON FIBER/MAGNESIUM wheels! Developed by DYMAG in the UK, and fit to the world's most exotic Super cars including, the Koenigsegg CCX, Ascari and Mosler, these wheels are the lightest, most sophisticated automotive wheels currently available. Each DYMAG wheel is made up of a carbon fiber barrel and forged magnesium center disc. Center disc and barrel are attached by specially coated titanium hardware.

Each carbon fiber rim is fabricated using a solid metal mold which ensures they are consistently made to a very close tolerance of accuracy straight from the tooling. This also gives a very high quality, durable finish which is resistant to brake dust, salt, ultra violet and the usual forms of corrosion. Carbon fiber in this form is not only very strong, but is also quite resistant to shock. It will not shatter as evidenced by its use in the construction of formula one chassis and aircraft wings.

The low weight but high stiffness of carbon fiber rims produces a very light weight rim to the wheel ratio, significantly reducing the moment of inertia and drastically reducing the amount of power required to turn the wheel. Consider that a standard Porsche 18" wheel weighs about 30.86lbs, the DYMAG CARBON FIBER/MAGNESIUM equivalent weighs around 13.23lbs for a total weight savings of approximately 70.55lbs per package!

The effect of carbon/magnesium wheels when fitted to the car is to reduce the gyroscope effect of the wheel and ultimately producing the following effects:

1. Improved acceleration
2. Improved braking, reduced stopping distance
3. Lighter, sharper steering
4. Allows for softer damper settings giving more tire contact & therefore
better grip.
5. Tire temperatures are more stable
6. Improved wheel & tire balancing

And let's not overlook the visual impact which is nothing short of stunning! Center discs can be color coded to match or contrast the vehicle's color.

In addition to fitments for Ferrari, Porsche Carrera GT and other high end vehicles, Rennworx will custom build the new CARBON FIBER/MAGNESIUM wheels in 18", 19" and 20" sizes to fit virtually any make and model.

For complete details, visit or call direct at 310-200-3881

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